[LRUG] The BBC is looking for Ruby Developers

John Winters john at sinodun.org.uk
Fri Apr 22 00:58:54 PDT 2011

On 22/04/11 08:51, Anthony Green wrote:
> John Winters wrote:
>> There's lots of lovely stuff going on nowadays, formalising what have
>> always been good techniques, but once you give them a name it's much
>> easier to sell them.
> XP is now 15 yrs old so Kent Beck didn't make that good a job of
> monetising it. Agile is 10 yrs and though the term is ubiquitous the
> practices aren't.

But it so often works that way.  I've frequently seen things ride to 
popularity and thought, "but that's been around for years".  What 
happens is that someone manages to find a way of explaining it that 
appeals to others, and then suddenly it takes off.  I've been reading up 
about Agile for a while and so much if it isn't new, but suddenly it has 
a name.

> 'Scrumfail' on the other hand is insidious.

Another word for me to go and look up.


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