[LRUG] The BBC is looking for Ruby Developers

Glenn Gillen glenn at rubypond.com
Fri Apr 22 06:00:07 PDT 2011

> No, I wasn't pulling your leg - it was a genuine request for information.  I used to be a software developer for 20 years, then dropped out to become a maths teacher.  I'm now dabbling with Ruby but I hadn't come across XP with that meaning before.
> There's lots of lovely stuff going on nowadays, formalising what have always been good techniques, but once you give them a name it's much easier to sell them.

The people that are at the forefront of this stuff are always inspiring. I have massive reservations with cucumber, rspec, and others that I don't think I've been shy about voicing my distaste for but Joseph's talk at Scottish Ruby Conf was awesome and made me realise that at the end of the day awesome people with awesome tools will always produce awesome products. And that's what I strive to be be part of each day. 

This sounds like the kind of job that would be really impressive on a resume should it come to pass. I wish any candidate the best of luck. Don't get too hung up on the short-term framework/project management selection and instead look at all the ways even tiny changes  ultimately end up having a massive impact on a global scale. Even as an immigrant myself its so easy to forget just how important the BBC is to the rest of the world. The stars have never quite aligned for me, but it still ranks highly in the list of places I'd love to have say I worked.

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