[LRUG] "Designer code": with Ruby refactoring exercises

Priit Tamboom priit at mx.ee
Fri Jan 7 01:53:45 PST 2011


> 6:30pm in Southwark. It's called "Designer Code", and is all about how we
> can design our code to have great User Experience. There'll be some fun ruby
> refactoring exercises to do as part of the workshop.

Thanks for organisers, it was really nice and useful refactoring
exercise indeed.

By the way, it was my first pair programming experience and I kind of
failed cos using different tools and flavours (like Dvorak'ish
keyboard, linux os, no mac and vim with some .vimrc love etc.)

What bothers me personally is that all those teams who are doing
ping-pong, pair or other fancy stuff are using SINGLE machine only per
pair. Basically it means I or other team members don't have much
freedom left for developing own comfortable working environment.
Basically now I should start worry about what is the latest "popular"
flavours out there etc, what a nuisance.

End of day, I just want to crack out good code and really not worry
about the layer of desktop harmonization.

Does anybody got statistics to show how many and what type of teams
really using pair style?


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