[LRUG] Coworking/Rent a desk

Zach Inglis zachinglis-lists at londonmade.co.uk
Fri Jan 21 02:25:22 PST 2011


I have decided that I would like to rent a desk.

I am both web design and do Ruby. I run London Made (http://londonmade.co.uk) and we currently are relying on quite a few contractors, so I would like a space that I could potentially expand (I notice some places offer you the ability to rent somewhere on a day rate also so that you can do this.) Google has returned a few results but I know some companies often rent desks away and such. It would be nice to be in the room with like minded individuals.

I would like somewhere with 24 hour access preferably too. I work on some nights when needed and so would like the ability to stay or come into the office late.

Does anyone recommend somewhere or have a desk available?

Cheers all and much appreciated,

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