[LRUG] San Francisco start-up looking for Rails developers for new London office

Lee Longmore lee.longmore at gmail.com
Wed May 11 01:22:30 PDT 2011

Hello LRUG members,

A good friend of mine is the VP of Engineering for an established and
well-funded SaaS customer service startup in San Francisco that is looking
to build a development presence in London. See below for more information.
If you are interested, please send an email to
obs.sf.2011 at gmail.com. Thanks, Lee.
*We are a well funded San Francisco SaaS customer service startup looking
for rails developers to start a team in London.  We have a significant
customer presence in Europe, and a sales office in London (the company was
founded in Scandinavia) but the time has come to put a development presence
in London.  We have 30 engineers in downtown San Francisco working on our
RoR app.  We use memcached, MySQL, Mongo, Ejabberd and we support Android,
iOS and Blackberry with native apps.  We need engineers at all levels and an
experienced team lead to provided adult supervision. If you are interested
in joining an awesome growing product company please
*obs.sf.2011 at gmail.com
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