[LRUG] [Job] Ruby and Javascript Dev (server & client)

Daniel Cremer daniel at pixfizz.com
Thu May 26 02:26:14 PDT 2011

Hello El Rug,

We're looking for a Ruby and Javascript developer to help develop and scale

Pixfizz is a "Platform As a Service" for the web to print industry. We're
developing the best tools to allow our clients to launch websites offering
customized products ranging from yearbooks to business cards and wallpaper.

This means a really interesting set of challenges. These range from pushing
the envelope in the browser for visual design tools, all the way to scaling
the backend to handle large volumes of images and pages destined for print.

The candidate should be interested in both RESTful back-end development and
web-application front-ends, but design skills are not required and we
understand your past experience might be stronger in a particular area.

Some of the skills/tech that will be used in the job are:

- Ruby on Rails

- Git

- Node.js

- jQuery

- HTML 5 web-applications

- Riak


We're a small company but focused on the international market with offices
in Clerkenwell London (UK) and Santa Monica, CA, (USA). We've recently
become an HP worldwide solutions partner so looking to grow our team. We
offer a working environment that is flexible and you can frequently work
from home if you like.

If it interests you, please contact me, daniel at pixfizz
<info at pixfizz.com>.com, with
your relevant experience, why you would be a good fit and what interests

No agencies at this time please. We'll contact you if we're interested.


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