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Jeremy Longley jeremy.longley at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 02:55:06 PST 2012


I'm involved with a nascent startup company, looking to build a
MVP/Proof-of-Concept build of our idea to get the show off the ground and
see if it flies.

Although the three of us have been involved in technology for years, (and
I've been fiddling with Rails for the last few months), none of us is
completely up-to-date with the latest open source tools and libraries which
would be needed to get something put together quickly, so I'm looking for
an experienced Rails developer that can hit the ground running on day one,
and build our PoC product.  The product itself is fairly straightforward
(says me), so I'm looking at around 8-10 weeks of core development, plus
say 2 weeks of design/CSS work .

This phase of the company is fully funded, and this project can start
pretty much immediately.  I am based in London, although this doesn't have
to be done here.

Does anyone have a suitable gap in their busy schedules?


Jeremy Longley
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