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2012/12/21 Tekin Suleyman <tekin at tekin.co.uk>

> Building a great product is only a tiny fraction of the work that it
> takes to make something a success. As developers, we just want to solve
> problems and write beautiful code, but to make a success of a product,
> you need to be spending several orders of magnitude more of your time:
> speaking to your potential customers; honing your sales copy; building up
> a following; content marketing; optimising your onboarding process… It's
> basically a combination of trying to understand what you can build that
> people will give a shit about, and then trying real hard to get them to
> actually give a shit once you've built. And even then, you might be doomed
> from the start because, although you may be solving a real problem that
> people have, your value proposition is never going to be compelling enough
> to convince people to hand over their hard earned cash.

I agree. I'm sure this is why Chad Fowler in "The Passionate Programmer"
[1] suggests to read "The 10-Day MBA" [2].

It's because is a good thing when developers also know something about how
marketing and business work. Write the code is just a little part of the
work to build a successful product.

[1]: http://pragprog.com/book/cfcar2/the-passionate-programmer
[2]: http://www.amazon.co.uk/10-Day-MBA-step-step-mastering/dp/0749927003

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