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On 13 March 2012 00:11, Andrew Stewart <boss at airbladesoftware.com> wrote:

> Hola El Rug,
> What sort of capacity do people run their servers at?
> I have a Rails app on a 1-core Ubuntu 10.04 VPS with 1GB RAM.  Everything
> runs on that box: web server (Nginx), app servers (Unicorn with 5 workers),
> MySQL, background jobs etc etc.
> The RAM usage hovers at around 75%.  I want to make the most of what I've
> got; is 75% too conservative?  Adding another Unicorn worker would take the
> RAM usage to about 85%.  I wonder how much memory it's sensible to use up.

I'd normally push it to the limit.

Most likely your app server's memory usage will be pretty constant,
keep watching new relic,
but most likely adding another 1 or 2 unicorns will be a stable solution.

> Another thing: from time to time the app renders big PDFs with Prawn, and
> when this happens the CPU is maxed out for potentially several minutes,
> adversely affecting responsiveness.  What's a good way to address this?

The easy answer would be to keep these offline tasks on another machine.
Keep a shared queue between the two machines
and then do the work on your "worker" server,
push the resulting pdf out to S3 and serve it from the "app" server when
it's done.

> Thanks in advance.  Sorry this isn't a job ad ;)
> Cheers
> Andy Stewart
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