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FWIW I had some fun with Sagepay in my last company (Java house). Good
enough if you didn't need split-second transactions guaranteed (i.e. you
aren't a betting house). 

Anyway - I just wanted to chime in briefly because the PCI compliance thing
wasn't all that much of a beast in the end with a bit of imagination. So
long as you aren't storing cardholder information (there is a specific
definition) you only need to fill out SAQ-C (which is fairly straightforward
if you've got a competent sysadmin).  We didn't have any need to store
credit card numbers as we were able to repeat bill people based on the codes
we got back from Sagepay.


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On 21 Mar 2012, at 14:28, Adrian Sevitz wrote:

> We charge in Dollars but could charge in Pounds or Euros if we chose to.
> (We're UK based)

What approach do you take to handling UK/EU VAT with Spreedly?

There's a long running GetSatisfaction thread on the subject.


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