[LRUG] April meeting

Murray Steele murray.steele at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 02:02:56 PDT 2012

This is in just over a week!  I've emailed people that I recognise as
LRUGgers who have a proposal open for EuRuKo (
https://github.com/euruko2012/call-for-proposals/pulls) to see if they want
to do a run-through.

If you've got a proposal in for some other less visible CFP please consider
this offer open to you as well.


On 21 March 2012 14:08, Murray Steele <murray.steele at gmail.com> wrote:

> The April meeting will be on TUESDAY 3rd April, which means we won't be
> crossing over with CukeUp unfortunately.
> Oh well.
> I'll put something up on LRUG.org shortly and send round the Skills Matter
> sign up link when I get it, but for now you can put it in your calendars
> with the lanyrd page: http://lanyrd.com/2012/lrug-april/
> So... volunteers?
> Muz
> On 19 March 2012 10:50, Murray Steele <murray.steele at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> Our April meeting is supposed to be on the 9th according to our schedule,
>> but that's a bank holiday so we'll have to move it.  Provisionally I'm
>> looking at having it on the 4th (a Wednesday) because it means we can get
>> the downstairs room.  It's the same day as CukeUp and we'd be coming in
>> just at the end of that so there might be some delay in getting started,
>> but I think that's preferable to being upstairs.
>> Note the lanyrd page says the 9th, but I created it before I realised the
>> 9th was a holiday.  I'll update it once the 4th is confirmed.
>> Anyway, we need something to do whatever day we have it, does anyone have
>> any ideas?  Unless someone has an plan for a different kind of meeting I'll
>> chase up a couple of talks.  If you want to volunteer a talk, that'd be
>> good too.
>> Muz
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