[LRUG] Not for profit organizations using Ruby

Louis Goff-Beardsley louisror at gmail.com
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http://vinspired.com/ are a charity that uses rails, helping out 14-25 year olds find jobs and get on the career ladder.


Drop Jenni Young: (Jenni.Young at vinspired.com) an email if you’d be interested in helping them out.


Best, Louis

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Just out of curiosity, why do you ask?
Please don't find this offensive (geeks wouldn't, but I don't know if you're a geek or not), I mean well. It's just that I find it hard to see the need for such information, and also, I think you'll have a hard time getting it, as I doubt many of the non-profits using Ruby are part of LRUG, or even know they're using Ruby.
If you're thinking of using Ruby for a project, but want to make sure other non-profits are also using it, then first of all, why is this relevant?
If you, for example, are thinking of switching to NGK spark plugs in your car, are you asking NGK forums whether other non-profits are also using NGK plugs? It's about as relevant as whether other non-profits are using the programming language you're thinking of using...

Anyway, you may have a very relevant reason for asking the question. If you do, I suggest explaining it to us to make it easier to help. Hence the reason for the original question - why do you ask?


On 02/09/12 06:26, Asfand Yar Qazi wrote:


I work at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Cambridgeshire, a charity funded organization that performs genome research.  I was curious about what other not-for-profit organizations use Ruby for their development needs?

I know that Nature Publishing use Ruby, but I'm not sure they're a not-for-profit.


Asfand Yar Qazi

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