[LRUG] west london, not east london

Paul Nelson pnelson at sportcentric.com
Tue Sep 25 02:46:50 PDT 2012

We are a 12-year company in Notting Hill, developing RoR systems for
international sports federations (clients are all in Monaco, Lausanne or
Dubai)..they are mission-critical systems and they are complex. We need to
grow but we are not in Old Street, let alone Shoreditch, and have no room
for foosball (offices v. expensive here but worth it).... we have been
posting on [jobs], but is anyone interested in the bigger picture of
developing a centre of excellence here in West London?

Contact business at sportcentric.com

We do not want to hear from recruitment agencies, but from experience we
know you will respond anyway...no problem, that's your job, we will listen
and be polite...
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