[LRUG] Setting up SSH for multiple people to deploy an app

Richard Livsey richard at livsey.org
Thu Apr 18 05:19:29 PDT 2013

On Thursday, 18 April 2013 at 13:02, Frederick Cheung wrote:
> > Passenger automagically switches the user to 'nobody' so that should cover those concerns of the app running as www-data? Aside from that, the apps don't upload anything to the filesystem (any uploads go into the database or S3) but better to be safe. 
> The default is actually to switch to the owner of environment.rb if my memory is correct.
Ah yes you're right, I misread section 6.11.4 [1] and it's only nobody if user switching to the owner of config.ru / environment.rb fails [2]

[1] - http://www.modrails.com/documentation/Users%20guide%20Nginx.html#PassengerDefaultUser
[2] - http://www.modrails.com/documentation/Users%20guide%20Nginx.html#user_switching

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