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MG Lim mglim at mirageglobe.com
Mon Apr 22 08:39:10 PDT 2013

Hi there,

I wonder if there any good lightweight management methods/or guidelines
that tend to work best for running multiple small vms for small sinatra
apps (something I am trying at the moment.and shifting from heroku to get
more control)?

This question might be quite wide but I am looking for any good suggestions
for managing the spinup and backup of small vms that runs 1~2 web apps per
instance in AWS.

I see quite some discussions of using Fog / Puppet / Capistano / or hybrid
and getting a bit confused on any proven best (or goodish) practises? I
havent yet tried passenger; so any suggestions on that route is also

Ideally to summarise:

1) running php along side thin on the same instance with Nginx. (good or
2) running a small mongodb in each vm. so that each solution is contained
in 1 instance.
3) replicating it for balancing.

many thanks! :D

*Jimmy Mian-Guan Lim*

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:-: Twitter - twitter.com/mirageglobe
:-: LinkedIn - uk.linkedin.com/in/mirageglobe
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