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Inka Ruishalme inka at honeydew-health.com
Mon Jul 1 02:02:25 PDT 2013

Hello London Ruby developers!

We have a SaaS web app that has been built in Ruby and we're looking to
build new features for online payments, automatic user registration, free
trials etc to make the app more accessible to our target audience. The job
has been spec'd out in detail and we have had one estimate for it. Our
timescales are flexible but we would like the work completed by the end of
summer / early autumn.

A little bit about us and the system:

The company is called Honeydew (www.honeydew-health.com) and we are a
specialist Human Resource/Absence Management software company. We are
currently a team of 3 full time members of staff (none of us techies) and
we're a fun bunch to work with. Our MD Malene will get you so excited about
absence management you never knew it was possible, I focus on making the
product as user friendly and pretty as possible and will work with you to
that end and Sandy maintains good relationships with our customers and makes
sure their training and support needs are looked after.

We have two products: Engage absence management portal (which is what this
job would be dealing with) and Resolve for Occupational Health. Engage is
built in Ruby on rails on a MySQL database. It is a data collection and
reporting app. We record absence dates and reasons for employers and run
automatic triggers and reports to analyse the data and notify users via
email and SMS whenever something noteworthy occurs. Engage is hosted in the
cloud on a Ubuntu server and the server maintenance is managed separately
from development. We run 4 versions of the system: development, testing,
live and hot spare backup. The first two are hosted by our previous
developers so new development and testing environments would need to be
created by the new developer.

Why we are looking for a new Ruby developer:

We are really proud of our system and have received lots of excellent
feedback for it. As such we have no squabbles with the company that did the
core development for us and have been really pleased with their quality of
work. I also think they did a great job at building the database structure
and systems in such a clear and organised manner that it'll be easy for any
decent Ruby developer to pick up. Unfortunately, this company is getting
increasingly more expensive, less flexible and is often in too much demand.
We would like to find an independent developer who has a bit of experience
from setting up online payments - we're currently looking at using PayPal
and GoCardless so experience with either of those two would be excellent. We
are also hoping to find someone who might be interested in continuing to
work with us on an ad hoc or a recurring maintenance fee basis (this is not
a requirement, tho, so don't let it stop you from replying if you're
interested in the initial project only). Most of all we would like a
developer to become an extension of our team working with us rather than for
us. We really want to make this a great product and so you'd be more than
encouraged to give us suggestions on how to improve things and although the
spec is very detailed and thought out, we're always happy to re-think things
if there is an opportunity to make them better.

I hope this got you interested, If you'd like to know a bit more about the
job, please drop me a line!

Kind regards,

Inka Ruishalme
Creative and Technology Manager
Honeydew Health Ltd

M: 07940 410560
E: inka at honeydew-health.com

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