[LRUG] I Love Ruby

Richard Green richard at evvnt.com
Mon Jul 15 17:04:22 PDT 2013

Well it's certainly been an interesting week signing up to the Ruby Users Group and I've learn quite a few things...

1. Don't double email (foolish)

2. [JOB] posts require title filters. 
I'm undecided as whether this is to prevent the post going to developers or to direct the post to recruitment agencies.

Well the scores on the doors

Developers 0 - 8 Recruiters

I think the recruiters are winning...

3. Ruby developers have quality banter and like to squish themselves in to tiny pubs, drink lots of beer and chat projects and code. More of point 3 required.

So in the art of snaring a ruby developer in the next 6 weeks, what temps these rare creatures out of their natural habit to venture to pastures new...

Let me know which of the following would tempt you from you desk...

1. Keg of beer and beer tap fitted to your development desk?

2. The recruitment fee as your welcome gift?

3. 4 day week?

4. Building your own team of 4 from scratch

5. Shares and equity (so dull)

6. Commission from online sales.

7. An endless jar of Cadbury chocolate eclairs...

8. 4X female french, italian and spanish junior / front and backend developers

9. Your own Expresso coffee machine with frothy milk maker...

10. 30 days paid holiday if taken in December and August.

I'm looking for your best number or a combination of up to 3...

Richard Green

CONFESSION:: I have yet to read the rules on posting, I'm hoping humour makes it through the filter.
07787 527499

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