[LRUG] [COURSE] Security Workshop in January

Najaf Ali ali at happybearsoftware.com
Tue Nov 12 08:53:59 PST 2013

Dearest London Rubyists,

*Tickets are now on sale for my next security workshop in January*. Sales
page here <http://happybearsoftware.com/security-workshop>, or if you just
want to buy tickets here's the page on

If you don't already know, the workshop has you discovering and exploiting
security vulnerabilities in insecure Rails applications. I ran the last one
on Friday and received good feedback from the attendees, though I have a
lot of ideas for making the next one better now that I've run it a couple
of times. Details:

Time: 10:00 to 18:00 on Friday 17th January 2014
Location: Hoxton Hotel, near Old Street underground station
Price: £400 per head, max 16 attendees

I also run the workshop in-house at the same rate as the public workshop,
but having me come in to do a twenty minute presentation on security
fundamentals for your team is free. Please take me up on this!

If you have any questions about it then feel free to drop me a line at this
email address.


Najaf Ali, http://happybearsoftware.com
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