[LRUG] [COURSE] Security Workshop in January

Marc Wickenden marc at 4armed.com
Tue Nov 12 13:41:27 PST 2013

On 12/11/2013 20:26, Graham Ashton wrote:
> a) executing code on the server of any Rails app whose secret token I can get access to [which is frightening], and
> b) making sure that I’m not vulnerable to similar exploits (along with a few others) myself.

I'm a security consultant/penetration tester by trade and spend a lot of time poking around webapps and helping developers and businesses protect themselves and their customers, so I'm really glad to see initiatives like Ali's taking off.

I also just felt the need to say what a small world it is because I've been working on our new website recently and it's using Nesta. Then Mr Ashton pops up on the mailing list! A pleasure to make your digital acquaintance sir.



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