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Gianluca Trombetta gianluca.trombetta at appsforgood.org
Wed Nov 13 07:12:50 PST 2013

Hi everyone,

I am new to LRUG so I hope I am doing it right.

# What we are looking for

We are hiring a permanent mid-weight Ruby developer at Apps for Good to
join our small in-house team. Someone solid with 2-3 years commercial
experience who is looking to join a meaningful project. The role is based
in our Central London offices but we are flexible on location and working
hours. We all work from home sometimes, even our Managing Director.

# What we do

At Apps for Good, in short, we help to educate the next generation of
problem-solvers, tech entrepreneurs and change agents - one app at a time.

Here is a more detailed summary:

Apps for Good (http://appsforgood.org) is an award-winning technology
education movement where young people learn to create apps that solve
problems they care about and change the world.  From a modest start of two
centres and 50 students in 2010, Apps for Good has grown to over 220
schools and 20,000 students across the UK, as well as expanding to
international partners through our open-source content. Apps for Good is
supported by hundreds of technology entrepreneurs, UX designers and
developers as Expert volunteers, as well as tech industry partners like
Facebook, Google, Samsung, Thomson Reuters and Barclaycard. Praised by
Secretary of State Michael Gove, Apps for Good has been widely covered in
national publications including The Times, Guardian, Wired, The Next Web,
The Economist and BBC News. In June 2013, Apps for Good was announced as
one of four awardees of the Global Impact Challenge - an initiative run by
Google for organisations that are using the powers of technology and
innovation to make the world a better place.

# Our team

Me, technical product manager and two great senior ruby developers. We are
also hiring a front-end designer to deal with all the markup so our
engineers can focus properly on backend.

# Our stack

Our platform is essentially a monolithic rails app, which makes sense for
now but we are open to re-architecture in the future if needed. Stack and
workflow wise, we are trying to use processes and tools that make our life
easier and work more fun:
* we practice BDD
* use gitflow
* use Trello for Agile management
* Hipchat for communication
* review all our tickets using Github Pull Requests
* use Travis CI
* deploy to Heroku and host files on AWS

We also encourage our developers to provide input to the content team by
recommending tools and technologies that could be included in our
course. If you have an interest in innovating technology education this is
the job for you.

# Salary

40-45k per year according to experience.

More details about the job ad can be found on our website:

Drop me an email if interested. Also, we will be at
http://siliconmilkroundabout.com/ this weekend Nov 16-17 if you want to
come say hello.

Gianluca Trombetta
Product Manager
CDI Apps for Good

gianluca.trombetta at appsforgood.org
M: +44 77 1888 3395
T: +44 20 8150 6908
c/o Freeformers, 3rd Floor, Walter House, 418-422 Strand, London WC2R 0PT
W: appsforgood.org
Follow us: Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn

Registered in England and Wales Co. Reg. No. 6560779; UK Registered Charity
No. 1133656
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