[LRUG] [COURSE] Writing more maintainable Rails apps, 7th December

Tim Craft mail at timcraft.com
Sat Nov 16 07:42:54 PST 2013

Dear LRUG,

I'm organising a mini-workshop with the goal of helping you learn how
to code better quality Rails apps that are easier to maintain. Less
time spent on bug-hunting, more time to spend on building features,
and hopefully a more pleasurable coding/development experience

Aimed at anyone who is looking to level up and improve their
Ruby/Rails knowledge/skills. If you're well versed in the lesser known
features/idioms of Ruby and already familiar with things like fast
tests, clean code, service/form objects etc then this is probably not
for you.

It'll be hands on, so you'll need to bring your laptop and a Rails
app. I'll show you some specific ideas/patterns that I've been using
recently to build more maintainable Rails apps. We can discuss best
practices, I can walk you through some lesser known features/idioms of
Ruby, and I can give you some concrete suggestions on how to improve
your codebase.

Date/time: Saturday 7th December, 2-5pm

Location: TBD, somewhere in Central London

Price: FREE

Maximum of 6 attendees. If everyone fancies it we can grab an early
dinner or go for drinks somewhere afterwards, good opportunity for a
bit of informal networking.

If you would like to book a place, just shoot me an email off-list;
let me know your mobile number, your general experience in
Rails/coding, and anything specific you'd like to get out of the


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