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David Waller david.a.waller at btinternet.com
Sat Nov 30 11:30:25 PST 2013

Hello LRUG,

We enjoyed hosting a Ruby hacknight at the Yammer offices last month, so we're holding a second event on Tuesday 3 December from 6pm.  (My apologies for the late notice - I'm not remotely as organised as Murray.)  In a slight refinement of our process from last time we've switched to organising through meetup.com, so please register there if you'd like to attend.  

To save you a click, I'll quote the group page from there:

An open, relaxed meetup for all levels of web developers to come and talk shop, share knowledge, collaborate and hack on all manner of web and mobile projects.
>We're focused on a creating a welcoming and inclusive community of developers at all skill levels. The only requirement is a healthy intrigue of web or mobile programming and the desire to dive right into a hack. The format is straight-forward and involves consuming free pizza and drinks provided by Yammer whilst discussing and hacking on any project you desire. We encourage members to use the meetup discussion board to post their current projects and to coordinate with fellow developers. If you don't have a current project, don't worry! Attending the meetup is a great way to see what others are working on and to find inspiration for your own endeavours.
>We take your safety very seriously. Before attending, please be sure to read our Anti-Harassment Policy.
So that's Tuesday 3 December from 6pm, at the Yammer offices, 80 Great Eastern St. EC2A 3JL.

Hope to see you there.

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