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Ian Kynnersley iankynnersley at gmail.com
Tue Sep 10 09:30:52 PDT 2013

Hi all,

For an upcoming project, I will be creating an API to power some mobile
apps. The API will be largely read-only in JSON and will need to provide an
admin interface for non-technical users to manage the data that drives it.

By default, I would probably knock up something bespoke with Rails and
RailsAdmin. Or maybe a Sinatra equivalent. However, there would be definite
benefits on this project to building it on an established CMS platform
rather than completely hand-coded.

Has anyone got any experience of using an existing CMS to create an API
like this without a "public" web interface.

Is there anything specific I need to consider when using existing CMS tools
or is it as simple as finding one that allows API-suitable authentication
(i.e. not forms-based) and then creating JSON templates rather than HTML

Thanks for your help!



Ian Kynnersley
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