Gabe da Silveira gabe at websaviour.com
Wed Sep 18 06:49:03 PDT 2013

So, over the past year I've repeatedly had the urge to use TOML for this or
that configuration file.  But then inevitably I imagine the dependency
graph and realize that YAML is definitely already required by whatever it
is I'm working on, and then I question who am I to foist a new requirement
on whoever may be downstream, etc, etc.  And before I've even started I
have forced myself to opt out of TOML out of pragmatism.

However the status quo of using YAML is also terrible too.  Every time I
set up a new configuration file that includes settings for Norway I am
reminded of this.  But it seems we are stuck in an inescapable local
maximum; just look at the pathetic install stats at

Does anyone else find this frustrating?  Should we start an angry
revolution?  Or a passive aggressive one?  Am I crazy?

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