[LRUG] [JOBS] Developer at Altmetric, Tracking Conversation About Science Online

Paul Mucur mudge at mudge.name
Wed Sep 25 03:12:14 PDT 2013

As I know the list is inundated with job postings, I'll keep this brief:

We're Altmetric [1], a scientific startup in London tracking and
analysing online activity around scholarly literature (c.f. the
altmetrics manifesto [2]).

You can see us in places like Nature (e.g.
http://www.nature.com/ncomms/2013/130917/ncomms3433/metrics), Cell
(http://www.cell.com/retrieve/pii/S0092867413005710) and the Royal
Society of Chemistry

We're looking for full-time developers to work with us on our products
for researchers and scholarly publishers.

If you're interested, please see http://www.altmetric.com/jobs.php and
-- more specifically -- http://www.altmetric.com/jobs/developer.php
for more details.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to get in touch
with us at jobs at altmetric.com.

[1]: http://www.altmetric.com
[2]: http://altmetrics.org/manifesto/

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