[LRUG] Sandi Metz is Coming to London

Steve Tooke steve.tooke at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 08:39:50 PDT 2014

Sandi will teach two of her Practical Object-Oriented Design classes[1]
this summer in London, with Matt Wynne as her glamorous assistant.

You have three options:

1. A two-day class running from July 3-4
2. A more in-depth three-day class running from June 25-27
3. Stay ignorant

Don't take the third option. Sandi has years of Smalltalk and Ruby
development and is not only one of the most experienced object thinkers I
know, she's also a wonderful teacher. If you've read her book, Practical
Object Oriented Design in Ruby[2], you'll already know her knack of
bringing scary-sounding design principles gently down to earth with simple,
practical examples.

Because we expect some of you who'll want to come on this training will be
self-funded, Sandi and Matt have decided to offer a few early-bird tickets
at a heavily discounted price.

There’s one ticket for each course at 75% off, two at 50% off, and a few
more at a 20% discount.

We’re deliberately leaking the news to a select few user group lists first,
because we’re hoping those tickets will go to people who deserve them most.
The full marketing machine will kick in tomorrow, so don’t faff about!



P.S. Sandi and Matt will also run a half-day workshop at SPA on the same
subject: http://www.spaconference.org/spa2014

[1]: http://kickstartacademy.io/courses/practical-object-oriented-design
[2]: http://www.poodr.com

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