[LRUG] WANTED: 1x Desk. OFFERED: 1x Developer

Tim Cowlishaw tim at timcowlishaw.co.uk
Sun May 11 08:23:15 PDT 2014

Hi there folks,

Two separate questions for you - an offer, and a request.

Firstly: Do any of you have a spare desk that you'd be willing to rent out
to a friendly local rubyist for the next two weeks? Ideally somewhere to
the east of town. Happy to pay the going rate, supplemented with cups of
tea and computer chat as and when required.

Secondly: I've got some space in my contracting calendar for the first time
in about a year and a half, and am on the look out for some interesting
work to fill it with. If you need the services of an experienced,
thoughtful software engineer who's been writing Ruby for seven or so years
then please do get in touch! I'm looking for contracts of up to about three
months, and am available from the 9th of June. (and maybe a little bit
before if need be). I like BDD, well-factored object oriented design, and
building useful products. Also, if you're doing anything search or
statistics related, or generally requires some level of mathematical
smarts, we should definitely have a chat. My CV and links to github and
previous work are available at http://timcowlishaw.co.uk.

If you can help me with the first point, or I can help you with the second,
drop me an email, or come and find me for a chat at Monday's meeting or
RubyBizUK on Wednesday (I'm one of the many tall-ish beardy fellas that'll
no doubt be there - to narrow the field a bit I've got round glasses and a
loud, sinister-sounding laugh).


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