[LRUG] Juniors

Thayer Prime thayer at team-prime.com
Wed May 21 06:22:07 PDT 2014


I often come across juniors in my work (few a month), and almost none
of my clients ever want junior ruby developers, I get like 1-2 junior
roles in a team once or twice a year, sadly. And even then they're
often "juniors" that must have 2 years exp and a PHD and and and ;-)

If any of you ever do want juniors (and I mean 0-1 years experience
types), drop me a line. If I have any at the time you're welcome to
them free of charge as I'd really like to help more juniors get into
our industry.

Seems strange that there's so much talk about skills shortages and yet
not many companies seem prepared to train their own. *shrug*


Thayer Prime
CEO & Founder
Team Prime Ltd


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