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Maybe things are different across the pond where you actually have a reasonable set of public services, but over here in the States, unpaid internships strike me as a way of limiting opportunities to those who already have the means to go without income for an extended period. I understand the reasoning behind them from an employer's perspective, and while I doubt that anyone sets out with the goal of perpetuating economic inequality, that certainly seems to be an unavoidable outcome of the arrangement.

...I've been trying to come up with a way to conclude this that isn't quite so depressing, but... I got nothin'. :/

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> I've got a few teams/lone developers which take Juniors on as unpaid interns. Great for if you're in 0-6 months and in need of commercial experience to make you employable. Usually offering flexible working hours, remote working and on occasion some minor equity in super early stage stuff. Most importantly real commercial experience working with more senior developers. Hit me up if anyone is interested. 
> This is a free service I offer out of the kindness of my heart.
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