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IMHO a lot of companies have an irrational aversion to junior devs. Get a
junior dev pairing full-time with a senior and they should be in a position
to provide tangible value to your organisation within a few weeks (hardly a
massive outlay, given the cost of recruitment in general). That's assuming
they are enthusiastic and have some sort of programming experience at
home/school/uni, but surely that's pretty much invariably the case.

2014-05-21 16:41 GMT+01:00 Ian Moss <hello at ianmoss.com>:

> Hi,
> I've just started reaching out to 2nd and 3rd year Computer Science /
> Software Engineering students in Manchester to get involved with 196
> destinations on a contributory / for experience basis. Pleasantly
> surprised with getting 5 or so interested, given I've not had much
> response from local experienced rubyists, who are happy with their day
> rate, rather than taking a big risk on a startup. (Understood).
> If any of your juniors are in the Manchester area and want to get
> involved on a similar basis, then it'd be great to hear from them. A
> real opportunity to help shape a new company :)
> Front-end developers as well as server-side specialists are needed.
> (Ideally with a love of travel, and a team orientated sociable outlook).
> We're an early days startup, with a partnership with several big travel
> companies in place. Pre-revenue & pre-investment, but lots of potential,
> with the right help.
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> I often come across juniors in my work (few a month), and almost none
> of my clients ever want junior ruby developers, I get like 1-2 junior
> roles in a team once or twice a year, sadly. And even then they're
> often "juniors" that must have 2 years exp and a PHD and and and ;-)
> If any of you ever do want juniors (and I mean 0-1 years experience
> types), drop me a line. If I have any at the time you're welcome to
> them free of charge as I'd really like to help more juniors get into
> our industry.
> Seems strange that there's so much talk about skills shortages and yet
> not many companies seem prepared to train their own. *shrug*
> Thayer
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