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Matthew Rudy Jacobs matthewrudyjacobs at gmail.com
Wed May 21 12:52:17 PDT 2014

When I got my first job, I'd only ever hacked stuff together.

I'd made a blog in php, and done a bit of hacky C for maths coursework in
but I had no idea of real world development.

I went for an interview, and I coded pseudo c++ on a white board, and
talked vaguely about polymorphism and other stuff a friend had prepped me

They gave me the job, but told me to "go away for 2 months and learn Rails"

And I did.

Sitting in my room reading why's poignant guide, and Agile web development
with Rails, I thought I knew what development was.

But starting on my first day I had throw that out of the window.

Real world development is different, of course.

Graduates of General Assembly and their like may only have had 12 weeks
training, but it's practical, and broad, and they learn TDD.

Don't hire the bad ones, but the good ones you should grab, before they
turn on you and demand a daily rate.

Everyone has to start somewhere!
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