[LRUG] [JOBS] Top roles of the now.

Louis Goff-Beardsley louis at infinitiumglobal.com
Thu Oct 30 03:16:23 PDT 2014

Dearest LRUG,

I hope you are all very well.

I've got some ridiculous roles in at the moment, please let me know if any of these take your interest.

·         Two of the top 3 Ruby teams in London (IMO) have finally re-opened their doors to permanent members of staff after successfully fully staffing them both earlier in the year. They are now expanding and this is an opportunity to work with some of the best Ruby & Javascript developers in the country. Looking for Upper-Mid-level & above.

·         Two major Ruby teams who normally only take permanent members of staff are looking for contractors, £400-500 /day. Long term contracts and full integration into the permanent team (being treated as part of the team, not a contractor).

·         Mid-sized Ruby team in a picturesque yachting village in the South offering salaries above London market rates + full relocation package. Also potential for Semi-remote arrangements. Junior to Senior (but Junior to mid are mostly onsite initially). Potentially offering Visas for exceptional Senior candidates.

·         Major British Ruby team opening offices in San Francisco, looking for developers to move to SF.

·         Major Ruby team to the west of London, finally fully staffed with Senior developers, hiring now for promising Junior (1 year commercial exp+) and lower-mid-level that they can heavily invest and build up to be their next generation of senior developers. IMO best place to be as a Junior or Lower-Mid-Level career wise right now.

·         Oxfordshire based Ruby team in posh village looking for a UK based Remote hands on tech-lead leading to hands-on remote CTO. Gaining skill leading remote teams now could be a good career move as remote is becoming increasingly relevant.

·         Japan based Ruby team offering relocation package and 7 million yen /year for Mid-level & above developers (this isn't loads of money but Japan is primarily a .net shop, great role if you want to visit/live in Japan for a year or two, but not loads of you need to support a family)

(We have nigh identical terms in place across all our clients (which is also the biggest selection Europe), our only motivation is finding roles that people are happy with as it leads to referrals and repeat business, thus we always give our sincere and complete unbiased professional opinion as to what positions are the best fit your career aims and lifestyle needs)

Best, Louis
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