[LRUG] [JOBS] Makers Academy – JS/Ruby – up to £70K + stock options

Evgeny Shadchnev evgeny.shadchnev at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 06:48:47 PDT 2014

Hello lrug,

Makers Academy <http://www.makersacademy.com/> is looking for a developer
(JS + Ruby) to teach our students.

We are a 12 week, full-time, intensive coding bootcamp in Shoreditch. We're
looking for an experienced developer to join our team to pair with the
students, maintain the curriculum and deliver classes and workshops. We
expect a strong background in Javascript and front-end, as well as Ruby,
and a love for pairing :)

We accept complete beginners and turn them into developers who then join
companies like Thoughtworks, 8th Light, Pivotal Labs, New
 Bamboo, Sky, Decoded, Global Personals, Mint Digital, Springer and many
others. That's not easy but it's doable, as we've proved over the last 1.5

It's a full-time, permanent position with an immediate start that pays up
to £70K + stock options. Drop me a line and I'll be happy to tell you more.

Best regards,
Evgeny Shadchnev
Co-founder and CEO, Makers Academy <http://www.makersacademy.com/>
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