[LRUG] Software engineer in SF looking for work in London

Rob Miller rob at bigfish.co.uk
Mon Sep 22 03:13:47 PDT 2014

I forwarded this to my partner, who's an immigration lawyer, and she was 
(predictably I suppose) less pessimistic than most people here.

There are seemingly lots of ways to hire people from overseas (from an 
employer's perspective) or to move here if you're founding a 
company/opening an overseas branch of an existing company/etc. The 
requirements (and certainly fees) for a sponsor licence aren't out of 
reach of even a smaller startup, either.

Here's a blog post with a few of the options:


Drop me a line off-list if you want me to put you in touch with her. Her 
chambers does free no-obligation consultations too.

(Sorry, I'm seemingly on a one-man PR campaign to improve lawyers' 
terrible reputations — or maybe it's just Stockholm syndrome!)



On 20 Sep 2014, at 21:02, Matthew Rudy Jacobs wrote:

> On 21 September 2014 03:39, Eric Theise <erictheise at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Would anyone care to comment, either as a Londoner taking on foreign
>> engineers or as an expat that's been able to make such a situation 
>> work?
>> Thanks, Eric
> I looked into this before for a Hong Kong friend who we were trying to 
> get
> a visa for.
> Although on paper it seems fairly straightforward
> 1. get a sponsorship permit for your company
> 2. put out a special advert for 28 days
> 3. resolve that local talent can't satisfy your requirements
> 4. take the foreign recruit of your choice (assuming they tick enough 
> boxes)
> The advice I got from startups who've tried it was "actually, it takes 
> a
> lot of time, and a lot of money for immigration lawyers, and it still 
> may
> not work"
> So we didn't pursue it.
> If anyone has had a more positive experience, I'd love to hear that.
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