[LRUG] [JOBS] 2x Caffeinated Developers at Pactcoffee.com

Tony To tony at pactcoffee.com
Wed Jul 8 03:48:59 PDT 2015

Ahoy LRUGers,

We are Pact Coffee and we're looking for 2 experienced software developers
to join the team. You don't have to love coffee but it smells amazing! Oh
and it's freshly roasted and tasty.

We are a company of 35 and a development team of 4, delivering ~3000
shipments of coffee a day. We've been shipping fresh coffee throughout the
UK for over 2 years and we have plans to expand further a field.

*Our culture and how we work*
The development team is deeply integrated into the product development
process. We organise in cross-functional, mission-driven teams, working
side-by-side with product and design.

This is a team sport. We’re better together; we support each other, ask for
help, and collaborate.  The whole company works closely together to hit
shared goals.

The customer’s overall experience is critical to us. It’s not just about
the technology and fancy pixels, we talk about how a feature will genuinely
affect real people, so everything you work on will improve our product in
meaningful ways.

Incremental iterations help us to validate we’re doing the right thing. We
don't want code hanging around and going stale so we deploy several times a
day. Being data and customer driven means adding value for customers is
second nature to us. It also means that you see the impact you are having
every day.

We are building a scalable and global product, our next phase see's us
investing into quality and building solutions we’re proud of. We are
refactoring our monolith rails application into isolated services, exposing
API's to our client applications. We're slowly chipping away at our client
side app into components using React.js. We know how important it is to be
able to move fast in the future as well as right now.

*Our Stack*

   - Ruby
   - Rails
   - Rspec
   - Node.js
   - React.js
   - io.js
   - Babel
   - Webpack
   - Postcss
   - Ember.js
   - Postgresql
   - Redis
   - MongoDB
   - Git
   - Heroku
   - Raspberry Pi

*We'd particularly love you to apply if:*

   - You're passionate about technology and care deeply about doing work
   that you are proud of
   - You have opinions about programming languages and experience building
   applications for the web
   - You have an awareness of the full web stack. You understand the
   details of HTTP, feel comfortable optimising SQL queries, and have
   experimented with JavaScript
   - You are comfortable taking responsibility (everyone deploys to
   production, everyone fixes urgent bugs)
   - You believe that code must be well-tested, and that tests are a
   helpful tool in driving design
   - You are comfortable designing object oriented software from scratch,
   not just implementing CRUD Rails apps; a pragmatist who can see the
   involved in the different approaches to solving a problem
   - You care about customers and can resinate with their needs and
   - You have an ability to teach, and learn from, others and to work


We pay a competitive salary, commensurate with experience. It's nothing
like the banks but we think you'll smile more.
You'll also get options as part of the EMI scheme and all the coffee you
can drink!
We're great friends with the Arch Climbing Wall, so you'll get free entry :)


   1. Tell us what it's like to work with you, a link to your CV, and
   anything else you might think is relevant (Github, code snippets, etc)
   2. We'll be in touch for a non technical Skype interview
   3. Then we'll send you a quick code test
   4. Come in and hang out with us, meet the team and pair on a feature,
   generally get a feel for Pact

*Wrapping up*

The role is full time based in our offices in Bermondsey, London. Next to
our coffee roaster.

Feel free to email *tony[at]pactcoffee[dot]com* a message if you’d like
some more info. Or, just take advantage of some FREE Pact Coffee if you’ve
not already tried us. Use the code TONYSENTME to get £10 credit when you
sign up. I'd recommend some David Grohl
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6J88d4VeK20> with your coffee.

Recruiters, we're flying solo atm.
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