[LRUG] Stripe endpoint for static site?

Jesse Waites jesse.waites at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 10:38:24 PST 2016

Hi all,

I managed to set up a Stripe button on my Github Pages site at
http://jessewaites.com/author/jesse/ (It was a pain getting the button to
render properly with kramdown or whatever flavor of Markdown Jekyll uses)

My needs are this:

Have Stripe process the transaction. If the charge goes through
successfully, send them to a particular URL (in my case, a link to the PDF
in my Google Drive - I tried hosting the PDF on my own site but Github
Pages won't display raw PDFs - thats a whole different conversation)

If the charge does NOT go through successfully, send them to a static page
on my site that says "Hey something goofed up, try again"

I found this https://github.com/christophercliff/heroku-stripe-checkout
which seems to be perfect, except for the fact that the developer
deprecated it in favor of working on a full ecommerce solution called
"flatmarket" https://github.com/christophercliff/flatmarket-server-heroku

There is a fork of the original heroku stripe checkout here:

But I am getting forwarded to the "bad" URL on what appears to be a
successful transaction. I should probably poke around that forked repo and
see if I can sort something out but I've already dumped a few days into
this and thought maybe I'm going about it the wrong way.

But now that I've worked on this a little bit I feel like this must be a
common need and it seems it should be rather simple to get that simple
logic going. (Good transaction go here, bad transaction go here)

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?


Jesse Waites
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