[LRUG] Multi-tenanting

Michael Pavling pavling at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 01:24:35 PST 2016


I'm looking at the ways I can have multiple users share an app, but
keep all their data separate.

Now, I suppose the first way is to just make sure all queries are
scoped to the user (and keep fingers crossed that no future me ever
writes an unscoped `Order.all`). But there's *got* to be a range of
good ways.

Looking at multi-tenanting gems, they seem to either take the approach
of scoping for you, or creating separate DBs/schemas for each tenant.
Does anyone have any opinion on the pros and cons of the different
approaches, or indeed, the specific gems?

I'm leaning toward the "scope for me" approach, because it seems
simplest to grok - and the app isn't *that* serious (although thinking
about it... there is risk of personally identifying data being stored,
so I probably should prioritise a secure approach).


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