[LRUG] [GIVEAWAY] 3x free BathRuby tickets and 10x discounted EnhanceConf tickets

Simon Starr simon at starr.cx
Fri Feb 12 06:11:26 PST 2016

Thanks for posting this to the list Murray :)

I’d like to add that I’ve set aside 50 of the 500 Bath Ruby tickets to give away to organisations representing people who don’t fit tech’s white middle class male stereotype. Apart from Black Girl Tech, some have gone to Codebar, Women Who Code, Trans*Code and Code First: Girls. If anyone can suggest other groups that would be interested then please let me know!

There are no strings attached and there’ll be no fanfare or special treatment - I just hope that offering free tickets will remove one of the barriers that may be preventing some people from attending developer events. I’m also open to suggestions if anyone has any other ideas for making the conference a safe and welcoming event for everyone.

Simon Starr
t: https://twitter.com/sstarr
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On 12 February 2016 at 10:31:14, Murray Steele (murray.steele at lrug.org) wrote:

Hi all,

Damilola Odelola, host of the blackgirl.tech podcast (https://soundcloud.com/blackgirltech) and organiser of the upcoming meetup of the same name (http://www.meetup.com/blackgirl-tech-Meetup/), has some tickets for a couple of conferences to give away to black women/girls in tech.

1. 3 free tickets for BathRuby (http://2016.bathruby.uk/).  If you want to be in with a chance of getting one of these free tickets you should email blackgirl.tech at gmail.com with the subject “Bath Ruby Comp”.  The deadline for entry is 29th of February and the winners will be announced on the 2nd of March.

2. 10 discounted tickets (45% off!) for EnhanceConf (http://enhanceconf.com/).  If you want to be in with a chance of getting one of these discounted tickets you should email blackgirl.tech at gmail.com with the subject “EnhanceConf Comp”.  There’s no deadline for these; they’ll be handed out on first-come, first-serve basis.

Good luck!

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