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Gareth Humphries gareth1 at erozen.org
Wed Jul 13 07:00:34 PDT 2016


I've just rolled off my last contract and am looking for new work. I'm not
actually a ruby developer, but given my situation I think LRUG is an
appropriate places to look.  I'll explain why:

I've got loads of experience with backends - servers, databases,
middleware, networks, hardware, etc - and am looking to find a role
offering part-time remote work doing that.  Ideally I'd find a growing
company that doesn't have enough backend work right now to hire someone,
but enough to annoy the devs that have to do it and find it distracting.  I
think LRUG is full of people working for innovative small companies who
might be in that position, hence this post.

So, if you think a couple of days a week of senior backend engineer time
(or even full-time mid-level) could help your company, get in touch and
I'll send you my CV.  If I were to list three skills they'd be
Linux/MySQL/Puppet, but I've worked with loads of tech over the years and
am happy to learn something new, so don't let that put you off.  I may not
have the skills you need, but it costs nothing to ask.

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