[LRUG] Feedback wanted: Docker for Rails book

Jon Wood jon at ninjagiraffes.co.uk
Thu Jul 14 06:23:49 PDT 2016

Express is by far better than Sinatra on its own, but Grape swings things
back to Ruby in my opinion - being able to annotate your API with allowed
parameters and return values is really powerful, especially combined with
grape-swagger which will generate API documentation from those annotations,
while Grape itself makes use of them to validate incoming data.

On Thu, 14 Jul 2016 at 14:07 Sleepyfox <sleepyfox at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 14 July 2016 at 13:36, Rob Isenberg <robisenberg at me.com> wrote:
> >> Also, if you’re experienced with Docker, I’d love to hear from you with
> any tips/secrets/best practices for using it with Ruby apps/Microservices
> in either dev or prod environments (or both). You can reply here, or email
> me directly at robisenberg at me.com.
> Having developed Docker Microservices in both Ruby and Node, I prefer
> Node - mostly because Express > Sinatra (leader/follower
> relationship?). Also, it seems the Node community was leading the
> charge on Microservices from the beginning, much of the Ruby community
> still seems to be obsessed with Rails...
> @sleepyfox
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