[LRUG] Testing PDFs

Jason Lee jlsync at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 03:33:16 PDT 2017

Mark, a suggestion not yet mentioned -

HexaPDF - A Versatile PDF Creation and Manipulation Library for Ruby


for testing (and/or generating) your PDFs.


On Wed, Aug 2, 2017 at 5:00 AM, Mark Burns <markthedeveloper at gmail.com>

> Has anyone any recommendations or suggestions for testing PDF generation?
> I'm working on a side project and using Prawn. Which is great. I can
> programmatically generate large aspects of the content I want.
> But so far I've been tweaking then looking at the result in the browser.
> It's not an absolute nightmare - a few seconds to render. But it's hard to
> know whether the result is working without actually looking at it.
> The DSL is nice, but very imperative. Mocking method calls out would be
> insane.
> I'm managing to refactor into small objects to represent the components
> and layout, pages, typography aspects etc of the document. Which brings the
> complexity back down to manageable chunks.
> But ultimately everything just calls underlying prawn DSL methods. So I
> can test little bits of logic that I have in my objects, but ultimately
> whether it works or not comes down to "have a look and see".
> Perhaps the best I can hope for is screenshotting when I'm happy and using
> approvals to verify each major change hasn't radically borked everything.
> It seems like there are tools to test which strings get into the document,
> but that seems like the easiest part. And probably the only part I'd be
> happy with test doubles for prawn and setting expectations on the text
> generating methods.
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