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Tom Cartwright tecartwright at gmail.com
Mon Jun 5 00:00:57 PDT 2017

Hi all,
I am about to change jobs and will have some time between them. About two
to three weeks from the beginning of July.

Wondered if anyone had need for an all-round developer to, for example,
perform an exploratory spike or complete a discrete piece of work that you
don't have resource to devote to. I am about to finish up at lostmy.name where
I developed a platform for generating on-demand personalised images as well
as wrangling a large rails app built on the Solidus e-commerce platform. You
may remember me from such talks as 'A guide to Connasence' [0].

Technologies I am comfortable with include; Ruby, Golang, Javascript
(reacty and angular things esp), Python, Scala (as much as anyone is
comfortable with Scala), HTMLs, CSSs etc etc.

I can charm a database or build fancy visualisations. I could setup that
logging system you've been meaning to get sorted for a while. Or I could
pump out a plain ol' rails app if that's a thing you need.

I'm based in Bristol but can travel to London as required. If I was working
remote, I could set a nice day rate.

Get in touch if this sounds of interest. Thanks

[0] https://skillsmatter.com/skillscasts/9497-a-guide-to-connascence
Tom Cartwright
tecartwright at gmail.com 07969 977300 Portfolio <http://www.tomcartwright.net> ·
GitHub <http://github.com/tomcartwrightuk> · LinkedIn
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