[LRUG] [JOBS] Want to join a quality driven team? carwow are hiring!

Akash Bhalla akash at carwow.co.uk
Tue Jun 6 02:06:45 PDT 2017

Hi All,

Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far.

Just wanted to make people aware that carwow are looking for
Developers to write
well tested, high quality and maintainable code primarily in Ruby and

We have a few job opportunities within our current product streams (User
Acquisition, Conversion and Supply) and you can potentially be working on
some of the following:

   - Contributing to the design and build of a greenfield car discovery and
   recommendation tool
   - Working on some new high profile projects of ours (sorry, some of
   these are confidential. Maybe we can tell you more when you come in to meet
   - Scaling and performance improvements on our existing platform which
   already attracts millions of visitors per month
   - Data is big for us. You might be able to help us build out our
   internal metrics and tooling to support the business and improve our
   customer satisfaction and performance

We have a great team of Developers who are very open and collaborative. As
well as Ruby, JavaScript, Git, TDD, OSS, Haml, Sass, Heroku, AWS, you can
get the opportunity to learn Elixir and Elm from the team. We are all about
sharing and working with the London tech community and we currently run/
host an Elixir Dojo and Ruby Hacknight.

We have some big plans and as mentioned above we have some high profile
projects coming to further disrupt the automotive market.

Please get in touch if you are open to CONTRACT or PERMANENT opportunities
with us in London.
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