[LRUG] LRUG this Monday the 8th of May

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Wed May 3 04:05:27 PDT 2017

	Hi all, 

 Our next LRUG will be this Monday the 8th of May. The meeting will 
 start at 6:30pm (doors will open from 6pm), the talks will end at
 8pm, and those who choose to hang around afterwards can mingle and 
 socialize until the venues close. 

 As usual, the talks will be held at Code Node, Skills Matter’s
office on South Place 

	(https://skillsmatter.com/locations/264-skills-matter-codenode [1])
and the 
 afterwards venues are Code Node’s bar or the Singer Tavern at the
 of Worship St and City Rd (http://singertavern.com/ [2]). 

 We have three talks for you: 

 "A Brief (and incomplete) introduction to Rust (for Rubyists)" by
David Wickes

	"5 Things I wish my grandfather told me about ActiveRecord and
Postgres" by Ken Fassone


	"Do you even declarative?" by John Cinnamond

 You can find more about these talks, and the meeting in general at 
http://lrug.org/meetings/2017/may/ [3] 

 If this sounds like the kind of thing you’d like to start your year
 and would like to secure a ticket to attend you must: 

 1. Read our code of conduct so you are aware of how we expect you to 
 behave: http://readme.lrug.org/#code-of-conduct [4] 

 2. Register for free with our hosts Skills Matter at 
https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/9528-london-ruby-may-meetup [5] 

 Hope to see you all there, 



[1] https://skillsmatter.com/locations/264-skills-matter-codenode
[2] http://singertavern.com/
[3] http://lrug.org/meetings/2017/january/
[4] http://readme.lrug.org/#code-of-conduct
[5] https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/8502-london-ruby-usergroup-meetup

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