[LRUG] [JOBS] Looking for two developers to join Peg!

Sroop Sunar sroop at peg.co
Fri May 19 02:05:32 PDT 2017

Hey everyone!

I probably know a bunch of you already - for those that don’t - my name is Sroop and I’m one of two developers at a startup called Peg. I’ve been here for almost two year now and prior to that I worked at a great web development agency, New Bamboo/Thoughtbot.

I’m sending this message out because we are finally growing our teeny tiny development team. I would love to know if there are any awesome developers out there in the community that would like to join us at our office in London, Liverpool Street. We are looking to take on two full time developers: one junior/mid-level, one mid/senior.

Here are some of the reasons I heart Peg:

1. The other 50% of the development team, Peg’s CTO Alex Peattie. Alex, in a past life, has trained literally hundreds of developers... Possibly you are one of them, possibly you work alongside one. Alex is an amazing developer and one of the million reasons why I love working here (he is definitely not looking over my shoulder while I write this).

2. We’re building software that solves problems that have never been tackled before in a really fascinating and fun industry. To quickly explain what Peg is: Peg is a tool that helps connect brands to social influencers (Pewdiepie anyone??). Our big mission is to shift large, global advertising budgets away from traditional media towards independent content creators, because quite frankly TV is a load of rubbish. It’s a fast moving, explosive industry and we are quickly becoming the go-to tool for some of the biggest agencies and brands out there.

3. We are sitting on a ridiculous amount of data. The downside is every SQL query has the power to bring us down to a grinding halt - performance and speed are some of things we really care about. The benefits of having this amount of data is that we have access to all kinds of crazy insights: like that the average length of Spanish kinder egg videos is 11mins.

4. The team is small and we’ve cultivated an honest and authentic culture around positivity, learning, curiosity and kindness. As a company, we’ve done all sorts of things to further our own education: We’ve all completed Coursera’s 3 month Machine Learning course (even our CEO), we’ve learnt R for statistical analysis, we created our own 3 month course about SQL JOINS (our beloved "JOINs academy") - etc. etc.

In terms of stack, well we use (surprise surprise) Ruby - specifically Rails - plus Angular and PostgreSQL. For the rest see here: https://stackshare.io/peg/peg

If any of that sounds like your kind of thing there are full job descriptions on our hiring page: https://peg.co/hiring. Or if you have any questions about my experiences at Peg or would like to have a chat about the positions, please drop me a message at sroop at peg.co.

Thanks so much, and see you at the next meetup!


Sroop Sunar
Peg.co <http://peg.co/> | @sroopsunar <http://twitter.com/sroopsunar>

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