[LRUG] [JOBS] & Autumn Colours

Ilya Andre ilya at chapter.digital
Tue Oct 24 06:29:05 PDT 2017

Hi Lrug,

As leaves flicker through the nostalgic colour pallet of Autumn, the previously warm and embracing air leaves for yet another year. In its wake, it leaves a wind which whistles through bare branches, wandering to wither and bite all cellular life.

Change is constant. Day upon day, month on month and year on year we experience change.

I’ve recently endeavoured through various transitions of change, leaving a corporate agency to start-up with the aim of destroying the traditional recruitment model we all hate.

If change is on your horizon too, please see the following snapshots of our live opportunities. They are perm & offer a ceiling of £80k.

  1.  A start-up bank based in Holborn. They need someone who wants to progress to lead and have a team built around them, make technical decisions and work on new projects/products.

  1.  A consumer facing AI based near Old Street. A great chance for a Senior/Lead developer to work on lots of Greenfield projects with an exciting pipeline of new products.

  1.  A global payments platform located on Liverpool street. An office full of drones and a theatre, flexible working environment and an ever growing team.

If you would like to know more on any of the above opportunities, please get in touch. If you are not yet ready for a change, please bear us in mind for future.

I’m keen to just speak with people and get to know the lovely Ruby community in more depth, so if you’re open to a quick call or would like a lunch’n’chat at Mildred’s please let me know. 😊 (Sorry if you’re a carnivore)

Best regards,
Ilya Andre


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