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Marco Iannone marco.iannone at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 04:33:28 PDT 2017


--->>> No recruiters please.

I'm the founder at Retechnica <http://www.retechnica.com>, a machine
learning company with ruby/rails products (here <http://www.ingeniapi.com>
and here <http://www.compassinsight.com>).

We're looking for a few ruby/rails contractors for two different reasons:

(1) Ad hoc product improvements / debugging of our current products: a few
times a month, we'd need a person to take up a specific mini-project,
typically between a few hours and a few days. Completely flexible on both
sides in terms of timing, location, etc. Devops and Angular also useful, if

(2) Larger project: we're discussing several opportunities with clients on
'co-building' solutions for them that use our text analytics
<http://www.ingeniapi.com> platform.
In this case, it'd be 4-8 weeks, on a more specific schedule, typically
together with a team of 2-3 people (design, front-end, etc.). These
projects may start any time between November and early next year.
It'd be great to know if you might be available, and then we can discuss
the details when the deal comes through.

In both cases, it can be partly / fully remote.

All of these could turn into full-time, permanent positions, if that's of
interest to you.

As for us, very shortly: nice people, flexibility, very interesting
problems, including machine learning, of course.

Could you let me know if you'd be interested in (1), (2) or both?


--->>> No recruiters please.

Founder & CEO, Retechnica <http://www.retechnica.com/> | Makers of Ingenia
<http://www.ingeniapi.com/> and Compass Insight
@retechnica <http://www.twitter.com/retechnica>
+44 7805714134
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