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Frances Worley frances at safetytoolbox.co.uk
Tue Oct 31 04:11:17 PDT 2017

Hi Everyone,

For those of you fortunate enough to be happily employed, you can zone out now as this is job post – Sorry folks!

I’m the co-founder of a forward-thinking Health and Safety Consultancy – Safety Toolbox Ltd (www.safetytoolbox.co.uk<http://www.safetytoolbox.co.uk/> ).

About us:
Whilst Health and Safety isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it’s an essential part of life these days and our goal is to make the subject as pain free and easy to understand as possible. We combine an online management system with professional consultancy to deliver a flexible package to our clients. Our online management system is a highly customisable multi-tenanted application designed to make health and safety management part of their existing operations, rather than an afterthought. Fundamentally, the system is a bespoke work-flow/ procedural tool. Users can build their own processes or take ours and tailor them to their specific requirements all through the UI, no code experience required.

Our current client base covers a wide range of industries including construction, woodworking workshops, managing agents, retail outlets and not for profits so flexibility is a key USP of ours.

What we need:
We are looking for a software developer to join our small team. The first project you’ll be working on is the separation of our existing Ruby on Rails codebase into a Json API with a shiny new JavaScript front end (we are yet to decide on a framework, though the Angular, React and Ember are strong contenders).  Initially we are looking to engage someone on a fixed term contract and depending on how this project goes, there might be a more permanent position available.

Recently we’ve been playing around with some alternative Ruby libraries (Dry-RB, Trailblazer, Jeremy Evans’s libs (Roda, Sequel etc.) and are keen to move away from the traditional Ruby on Rails stack as part of this redevelopment.
We are looking for a developer with good experience in Ruby on (and off) Rails and some experience in front-end development (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) who is comfortable working independently and in a pair programming situation.

We’re looking to like to get started with this project in the next couple of weeks, so if you’ve got the availability and are interested (or know someone who might be) do get in touch.


Fran Worley
On behalf of SafetyToolbox Ltd
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