[LRUG] Site Reliability Engineering for a distributed system with Ruby/Go (remote or London)

Matthew O'Riordan matthew.oriordan at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 09:57:25 PDT 2018

Hey LRUG'ers

At Ably Realtime <http://go.ably.io/sre-ably>, we're looking for a senior /
experience site reliability engineer (SRE) to join the team.  We believe an
SRE is similar to a DevOps role, although the focus is more on complete
infrastructure automation and far deeper involvement in product development
as infrastructure and services are so tightly coupled.  Google do a pretty
good job of describing what an SRE is at http://go.ably.io/sre.

Our stack is primarily:

   - Infrastructure languages: Ruby, Go, Bash.
   - Service languages: Go, Elixir, Node.js and some C.
   - Mostly AWS based, but we are experimenting with supporting other
   - Data: Cassandra (our realtime datastore, 3 regions, 6 data centers),
   Influx, Elastic, Kibana, Grafana, etc.
   - Web site: We use Rails & Heroku.

We're a growing company, with a good mix of remote engineers and mostly our
commercial team based in our London office.  We've some amazing customers
relying our platform, Tennis Australia, OfferUp, ManCity, Chicago
transportation, Bloomberg, Homestay, Codewars to name a few.

If you want to learn lots and be challenged, work in an environment where
your opinion matters, and work in a deep tech company that is growing, do
take a look at the job spec and get in touch at go.ably.io/sre-role.

Have a good weekend all.



Matthew O'Riordan
CEO who codes
Ably - simply better realtime <https://www.ably.io/>
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