[LRUG] Thoughts on the future of Ruby and Rails?

Tadas tadastamo at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 08:00:31 PST 2019

Happy Friday LRUG,

I've seen some articles about Ruby/Rails dying or becoming less attractive
over the last few years. On the other hand there are some strong voices
that say the language and the framework have matured and are now better
than ever.

I'm not trying to get a scientific proof that either side is correct. While
I do think that Ruby an Rails have definitely not gotten worse over time, I
also understand that how people feel and talk about the technology do have
an impact to the overall ecosystem of the technology. I would be curious to
hear your subjective thoughts about the topic from the perspective of the
following question:

Taking account the state of technologies, the ecosystem and developers
available for hire, if you were to build a new team from scratch to develop
a fairly standard B2B CRUD application (something that Rails is good at),
would you start building the product and the team around it with Ruby (and
optionally Rails) at the core or would you opt for something else? If you
would, what would you consider and why?

Thanks for your thoughts :)

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