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Mon Sep 23 08:26:43 PDT 2019


Been a few years since I was here, or posted! Hope you're all keeping well.

I've had a sudden influx of Ruby-based roles this last month and so
wanted to make sure I'm reaching as many folks as possible to keep our
hiring as diverse and "not just my bubble". All the teams I'm working
with below are strongly and actively inclusive (yay, actions not
words!), so if you'd enjoy working in an environment where everyone is
welcome, read on.

I'm listing the roles I'm the recruitment partner on below with a
synopsis on each. If you drop me a reply with any you're interested in
I will send you a full role specification by return and if you're
still keen after that, we can set up a call as suits you to discuss
the ins and outs of the team, role, company, org chart, future vision
& interview process - and then you can decide if you'd like to invest
your time in the formal interview process. All these roles pay up to
£80,000. The final figure will depend on experience you demonstrate at
interview. You should expect a realistic offer of between
£70,000-80,000, where £80,000 represents you demonstrating experience
and senior knowledge of 90-100% of the roles requirements.

Please don't contact the companies below: in most cases they work with
me exclusively (their request, not mine) to save on time for hiring
admin and because they like the way Team Prime works. Often, they are
people I've placed in the role they're in. However, if you feel you
have someone great I'm very happy to agree terms with you directly
from Team Prime and work with you, so that your people/network and my
clients get the best of both worlds from having an expanded network
without the faff of extra admin or contact points. Just email me and
I'll discuss how that can work. Please do not share any names or
details of people you know with me unless they give explicit consent,
or before we agree how you'd like to be compensated - those emails
will go >/dev/null.

Please note this is very much overview because... space, and once you
get in touch I will email you full details. I will never call you
until you ask me to. We can communicate via email, WhatsApp or call as
fits you.


# OpenCorporates // Hoxton // https://opencorporates.com/
TECHNICAL ARCHITECT DEVELOPER (~80% hands on, ~20% strategic)

You'll be working with the excellent team at OpenCorporates, and
managed by Alan Buxton (https://www.linkedin.com/in/alanbuxton/).
We're looking for someone who has enough time round the block in a few
languages that enables them to lead on language and tooling decisions,
as well as architecture and development environments. I don't want
anyone who's wedded to particular languages or frameworks, but instead
knows that sometimes it's the right tool for the job, even when it's
not trendy or as much fun as the new (or old) shiny. You'll likely be
someone with majority experience in Ruby, but likely some Go, Python,
and others and want to gain more experience in other languages such as

We operate on terabytes of data. We expect this to grow by several
orders of magnitude over the coming years. The data storage makes
heavy use of clustered MySQL, Graph databases and a large
Elasticsearch cluster. The app was originally a Rails monolith. As new
features or enhancements come up this is being broken into more of a
micro-services architecture

You'll have experience at the level of around 5 or 6 big projects or
employments that you've built and seen through a full lifecycle.


# The Beano // The Strand, and can be up to 50% remote // https://www.beano.com/
(Yeah, *that* BEANO!)

Fancy getting involved in some kid-centred development? Come and help
grow the 1 million+ kid visitors a month :D

We have developed our own CMS and some React-based apps, and there is
a huge level of creativity and a willingness to innovate, right up to
the CEO. We believe in continuous deployment and know that as much
creativity comes from engineers as from illustrators. We are also
committed to a certain level of ingenuity, e.g. building our own
next-generation analytics tools, when we find limitations of GA etc,
but without wanting to reinvent the wheel.

You'll be working under the excellent direction and discussion of
Finbar: https://www.linkedin.com/in/finbar-sheahan-b61a0053/


# TRX // Somerset House, 4.5 days a week but still get 5 days salary -
half day Friday! w00t. // https://trx.tv/

Reporting to their CTO (the fabulous
https://www.linkedin.com/in/danjacobs2/) and working closely with the
Product Manager and with a team of three other software engineers, you
would be responsible for helping to architect, code and deliver our
core product: an exciting and disruptive B2B SaaS solution and
marketplace, connecting TV show distributors with broadcasters around
the world. The business has been around for over two years and has
fundraised £11m with investors including Sky Ventures & Channel 4. BBC
Worldwide has come on-board as a customer in January, joining more
than 80 other distributors worldwide already live on the platform. TRX
was listed as a top ten ‘Disruptors to Watch’ in The Sunday Times in
December 2017, alongside other high growth companies such as Monzo and

The team is flat structured with a great deal of autonomy, so you need
to be self-starting and a great team player.
Stack:  Ruby on Rails, React.js, Vue.js, AWS, CircleCI, lots of other
great tools


# FutureLearn // Camden // https://www.futurelearn.com/

FutureLearn offers online courses, programs and degrees run by over
100 leading universities from around the world including UCL,
University of California Berkeley, University of Edinburgh, University
of Melbourne, King’s College London, Purdue University and University
of Groningen.

You'll get to report the marvellous Nicky Thompson
(https://www.linkedin.com/in/symphonicknot/) and work in an incredibly
smart, kind, and experienced team. Their platform uses the Ruby on
Rails web framework along with the React JavaScript library, and they
use unit, integration and acceptance tests to drive design and keep
everything working. Every engineer has the ability to deploy, and they
deploy multiple times per day to a large-scale system on AWS,
supported by our Site Reliability Engineer.

We’re looking for people with experience with Ruby, preferably using
the Rails framework. Experience with JavaScript, and with React in
particular, would also be valuable. You’ll have previous experience
building, supporting and deploying a large interactive web application
at scale, taking into account performance, security and


As always, I'm particularly keen to help folks from under-represented
groups in technology to succeed so even if you don't feel capable of
some of these roles, get in touch so I can pep talk you into it. My
role is to help you and the company have a frictionless, delightful
experience of the hiring process. I enjoy helping you navigate it, and
being a useful intermediary where possible - so please don't hesitate
to get in touch for these roles, or if you're just looking in general.

Thanks for reading, and hope to hear from some of you soon :)

PS - Well done for reading this far. I'm off to play Untitled Goose
Game now to get over the mini-job-novel >.<


Thayer Prime
CEO & Founder
Team Prime Ltd


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